“Our Duplicate Detection & Clustering Is Stable” Google Says

"Our Duplicate Detection & Clustering Is Stable" Google Says

A lead search ranking engineer at Google Paul Haahr, said on Twitter that there haven’t been many changes to Google’s algorithms around copied/duplicate content and clustering in the query results. He said “we make improvements to our code over time, including duplicate detection.” “But that’s been mostly stable for years,” he included.

We’ve covered a considerable lot of the unconfirmed changes around clustering and copied detection inside the Google indexed lists since before 2007 and some affirmed ones including into 2012 and possibly in 2014.

I have not seen individuals speak much about how Google filters and clusters those results in a while. Which makes sense since Paul from Google said they truly haven’t changed much there in “years.”

Gary Illyes from Google likewise happen to have posted a DYK clarifying that it is uncommon to see two results from a similar domain. However, in the event that you do, it is on the grounds that the quality of other sites are extremely low. Here is Gary’s tweet:



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