Some Characteristics that can make your Seo link Bad Home

Some Characteristics that can make your Seo link Bad Home

Wondering about what are some basic things that can make your backlink bad for SEO, here are some that we are going to explain :

This year 2015 sure is a hard year for link building as due to Google’s John Mueller’s comments on link building being a strategy to avoid, so many SEO practitioners have moved away from link building.

Here we are going to explain what you truly should avoid doing or some characteristics to be more precise of link that make it bad for SEO.

1. Link is from a questionable or Low-Authority Domain

Common everyone knows that if you have got a link from high authority site then that thing is surely going to affect your own website’s authority and vice versa. And also if the link is on a bad reputation website that is going to affect your organic search.

Overall, it’s in your best interest to get links on the highest-authority sources you can find, while avoiding disreputable ones.

2. Link is pointing to source on your website that is Irrelevant

The above heading is difficult to understand so here is an example, if you’re a manufacturer, and you post a link to your site in an article about hamburger production in a butcher shop forum, chances are it will raise some red flags. Keep all your links context-specific, and pay close attention to the types of sources you rely on — the closer they are to your industry, the better.

3. Too many links from a single domain

Diversity is also important for Google although quantity counts too. If you are having too much links from a single domain Google may find it suspicious.

Instead, Google likes to see lots of links pointing to your domain from multiple sources. Since each link after the first on a single domain suffers a downgrade in value, it’s in your best interest to diversify your link sources.

4. Link is used as a reciprocal exchange

As the previous point diversity is important so you should avoid getting reciprocal backlinks from similar sites to boost both your domains authority.

Google is vice and it has RankBrain algo that keeps an eye on everything and develops on its own.

5. It’s Embedded In Suspiciously Keyword-Matched Anchor Text

Back in the days when keyword-focused optimization was synonymous with SEO, anchor text for links was a big deal. It was a best practice to embed your link in anchor text using the exact keyword you wanted to rank for — today that isn’t going to work.

In fact, it’s the quickest way to land yourself a manual penalty that can be extremely difficult — sometimes impossible — to recover from. Google has an intricate understanding of semantics and link context, and it strongly favors links in natural journalistic context.



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